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Colombia is the only country in South America that possesses coastlines on both the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Also, the country is proud to be second in the world in terms of having the most biodiversity. Colombia lies between Panama to the north, Venezuela to the east, Brazil to the southeast, and Ecuador and Peru to the southwest. Due to its location, the country is in control of the land access that connects Central and South America. Colombia takes great pride in its equatorial climate that stays comfortable for every tourist all year round. Colombian clime is defined by: tropical along the coast, the eastern plains and the Amazon, and acts cold in the highlands with periodic droughts. The country was named after the Italian name of the voyager, Christopher Columbus. The name was Cristoforo Colombo. Colombia’s capital is Bogota.

Where to go

Colombia is rich in tourist attractions and interesting destinations. If you’re up to nature trips, national parks in the country will give you a healthy dose of greens as well as an abundance of outdoor activities. The Amacayacu National Park is located far from civilisation and is nestled in the Amazon rainforest. It is a huge national park that can be explored aboard boats. Here you can see islands tightly inhabited by monkeys and rare and beautiful pink dolphins. While Amacayacu offers a feast to the eyes, the Los Nevados National Park will get you on your feet and test your stamina. It is the country’s high altitude volcano park that serves as a great terrain for trekking. If you’re up for more trekking and mountaineering in the country, you can traverse the Cocuy National Park which is a snow-capped sierra that was blessed with amazing landscapes with fresh flora to create a near magical scene. The San Gil, Barichara and Chicamocha Canyon would be the collection of extreme outdoor adventures in the country. Here you can hike gorgeous mountains, raft scenic rivers, behold and bathe from tall waterfalls, as well as discover and explore caves. Now talking manmade attractions, do visit the Catedral de Sal, a colossal church built underground and features exquisite sculptures to tickle your curiosity and make it a worthy trip.

A little over half past an hour, you will find yourself in the bright and sunny country of Ecuador aboard one of the direct flights that regularly leave Colombia. It is located on the Equator with Colombia at the northeast and Peru to the southeast. A neighbouring country, Ecuador shares the same tropical clime with Colombia. This being the case, the most popular destinations and attractions in the country revolve around nature trips and outdoor activities with water and sun to complete and experience. Here, let us list the gorgeous natural attractions you and your travel buddies will surely enjoy and definitely wouldn’t want to miss. Cloud forests like Maquipucuna and Mindo offers pristine rainforest and an excellent spot for bird watching. For jungle trips, include Misahualli and Puyo in your list of destinations. The La Isla Corazon is the island with rich mangrove ecosystem. Here you can experience local traditions from the natives themselves as well as enjoy community eco-tourism guided tours. Cap off your tour by visiting the small beach town of Canoa and surf at Montañita.

A good long haul destination from Colombia would be the United Kingdom. Located at approximately 11 hours from your point of origin in Colombia, UK is a constitutional monarchy that comprises much of the British Isles. It being a country of proud culture, history, and tradition, it serves as home to world-renowned landmarks that would each factor greatly in your visit to the country. National parks are well preserved in the country as an honour to its natural heritage. In total, there are 14 national parks which house various recreational activities and outdoor adventures tourists will surely enjoy. On top of these extreme outdoor adventures, surely, you would want to see with your bare eyes the famous landmarks of the country. This includes the Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh which is a royal fortress that has been continuously in use for one millennium and remains in excellent condition. See marvellous architecture in the face of the Stonehenge, an ancient stone circle nested near Salisbury in Wiltshire, the Georgian architecture and Roman baths in Bath, the York Minster Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, and the ancient and world-applauded universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Visit also the Giant’s Causeway on the north coast of Northern Ireland which is a World Heritage site as well as a natural wonder.

How to get out

Getting out of the country is fairly easy as it is widely served by airlines both domestic and international. There are regular international flights coming from the major cities in Colombia like Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Pereira, and San Andres Islands, as well as from other smaller cities lying in the borders with Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, and Brazil. Regular direct flights connect the country with the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and some other countries in South America. Note that Medellin is being served by two airports with international and long-range domestic flights taking off from Jose Maria Cordova International Airport and regional and shorter-range domestic flights flying from Olaya Herrera Airport.

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