Cheap flights from Algeria

Algeria sits on the northern tip of the African continent, a stone’s throw away from Southern Europe. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea as well as Morocco and Tunisia, it is the largest country on the continent with an area of more than 2 million square kilometres (though a large percent of that is desert). Algeria has a population of around 30 million - mostly Muslims of Berber heritage - and the country’s official language is Arabic (though French is also commonly spoken, due to the long history of French rule in the country). Algeria is home to the the second largest oil reserve in Africa, making it one of the world’s major exporters of natural gas; these exports make up the bulk of the country’s economy.

Located at close proximity to great deserts like the Sahara, Algeria’s climate is rather arid, with little rainfall inland. Though its tourism infrastructure is still rather undeveloped (as of July 2015), the country is a magnificent place to enjoy nature thanks to its spectacular mountains, long, gorgeous coastlines, natural hot springs, vast deserts and more.

If in Algeria don’t miss a visit to the Tassili National Park, home to the sandstone mountain range Tassili n’Ajjer - or Plateau of the Rivers - located near the border of the Sahara Desert. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tassili National Park looks like something out of a movie - its dramatic mountains, sandstone, and unique geological formations (like rock arches and pillars in close proximity) gives the landscape an almost alien type of beauty. But the greatest treasure of Tassili n’Ajjer is hidden within its mountains, in a series of ancient caves that served as shelter for humankind once upon a time. These old dwellings are filled with a massive collection of cave paintings and rock art made by our prehistoric forefathers, depicting events such as animal migrations and climate changes that offer a rare and insightful glance into life in the past. Get there by taking a domestic flight from capital Algiers to the nearby oasis city of Djanet, and continuing on land from there.

For a quick holiday in a nearby tropical paradise, grab a short-haul flight to Tropea in Calabria, Italy. The entire region of Calabria, bordered by the crystal clear Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, is a seaside dream with its warm blue waters, rocky coasts and golden sand beaches. Tropea itself is located in the province of Vibo Valentia in southern Calabria, and combines the drama of tall coastal cliffs with conventional beach beauty in the form of turqoise seawater and fine white sands. One of the most gorgeous seaside resort towns Italy has to offer, Tropea is located on the ‘Coast of the Gods’ - a stretch of coast along the Tyrrhenian Sea - but takes itself a notch above other coastal towns by sitting high above the lapping waves on a tall cliff, providing unrivalled scenery into the wide open sea.

But for a vacation somewhere further away how about a long-haul to the tranquil Kathmandu, capital of Nepal? Elevated more than 1,300 metres above sea level, Kathmandu boasts a wonderfully mild climate; it is warm in the summer and relatively cold in the winter but the temperature almost never reaches extremes. Located very near to the Himalayas, Kathmandu is often considered a gateway to the mountain range (which includes the famous Mount Everest, tallest peak in the world) and offers plenty of activities for the adventurous tourist, including mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, and more.

Besides outdoor activities, Kathmandu city is also known as a treasure trove of historical and cultural artifacts as well as ancient architecture – it is home to numerous shrines, temples and old architectural sites, many of which are classified desigated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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